Nutrition episode 2

If you are reading this, then I am assuming you’re in on getting better every day. Most of our students at Mississauga Taekwondo are recreational, attending only once or twice a week. But you can still benefit from a nutrition plan. Work out a plan that is based on your schedule. Then look for the opportunities for meals or snacks throughout the day. Determine how much energy is needed for the following day. Thus, the Sunday meal plan is for the energy you will need for Monday and so on throughout the week. Make sure hydration is part of the plan. We are water-based creatures! Breakfast is important and is more likely to be eaten if you are breaking your overnight fast, not still digesting a midnight pizza! The other factor is some light carbohydrate about 15 minutes before you train to top up you energy stores. For extended training beyond one hour, additional carbs are suggested at a break point-maybe at half time in a soccer game. Taekwondo matches are much shorter, so  would not need the same for competition.

If one of your goals is to maintain your current weight, then you match energy needed with energy supplied from your meals. To gain weight you increase your calories, to lose weight you reduce them but on a planned basis. We will discuss this further in the next blog.

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