Covid Safety

From the very beginning of the Covid pandemic we watched developments and researched widely to keep our facility and participants as safe as possible.

While the government blundered forward with hand washing and physical object sanitizing, we learned that it was the air that needed to be addressed. We also learned that we needed to support lung health with vitamin supplementation-especially vitamin D3. We have kept hand sanitizing in place and use soap for hand washing which is superior to the alcohol based on studies and minimizes skin damage due to excessive alcohol based sanitizers.

Our master instructors have had three doses of vaccine as of January 2022 and will continue when required. All 12 and up students have been checked for vaccination status or have been asked to do online only. Our vaccination rate is extremely high matching or exceeding community levels.

However, with regard to air quality, we made sure to run outdoor sessions when weather permitted. We also set our air make up from both our HVAC units to maximum. We made sure that we were adding make up air at a rate of 250 cfm for each HVAC unit which was over 10 times more than exhaled air at maximum exercise rate. In addition, with mask wearing, the distance travelled by exhaled air is dramatically reduced with significant capture of moisture droplets that might carry viruses. Also, students have been maintained at a 2 metre distance for most of every class activity with a few short term exceptions.

In our reception area, we run an air sanitizing unit with a HEPA filter with UVC light for viral destruction.

Finally, we invested in a new MANFA Heal Air unit for sanitizing air at ground level in the gym portion of our facility, which sanitizes at a rate of 500 – 1000 cfm through a multi-stage filtering system including a HEPA filtering chamber that has both UVC light and generation of plasma that has a lab tested viral, bacterial and allergen destruction rate of over 99.5%.

It is our firm belief that we are even safer than most other facilities our participants will use in their day.

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