Nutrition episode 2

If you are reading this, then I am assuming you’re in on getting better every day. Most of our students at Mississauga Taekwondo are recreational, attending only once or twice a week. But you can […]

Covid Safety

From the very beginning of the Covid pandemic we watched developments and researched widely to keep our facility and participants as safe as possible. While the government blundered forward with hand washing and physical object […]

Psychological Training Programs

There are 6 core mental skill categories presented by Peter Jensen in his book, The Inside Edge. Positivism        Active Awareness         Energy Management     Attention skills             Imagery Visioneering Positivism simple stated means finding the potential in a […]

Coaching Magic

What do you think turns ordinary people into athletes? Desire and dreaming to be an elite athlete might be number one. I grew up with a football in my hand from age 7 to over […]